In an Emergency

In an Emergency Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard or use VHF Channel 16.

VHF Channel 14


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Many of the documents on our website are converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) using Acrobat 5.0. Older documents may not support all of the functions now available with Acrobat, however you may contact us as mentioned in the Accessibility Statement to provide you with a hard copy.
Acrobat 5.0 now offers new capabilities that improve accessibility to electronic documents for users with disabilities:
In order to read PDFs you need to download a copy of the free Acrobat Reader. Please ensure your reader is the most up to date version to ensure compatibility with our documents.
Adobe Access Reader is available for visually impaired users.

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You can download converters and viewers from the Microsoft website to ensure our documents are accessible and readable to all.
Converters enable you to open files created using different versions of your Office programs. Find the appropriate converter for the version of the Office program on your computer.
Viewers also enable people who don't have Office programs to read our documents. Simply download the appropriate viewer from the list below:

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